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consistency is crucial!

Why is consistency crucial for your brand?

A brand communicates a set of qualities that consumers link to your name. It is a set of values, a promise that customers rely on.

A brand is so much more than just a logo; a logo serves as a symbol that classifies your brand. When people see your logo or hear your name, they connect a set of images in their minds which they associate with your product or service.

You continuously make impressions, whether intentionally or not. When your consumers come across your advertisements, website, or even sign at your door, they are forming an opinion about your business which establishes your brand in their minds.

To build a strong, powerful brand – it comes down to consistency in your look, tone, and level of quality at each point of customer interaction. It is important to stick with the brand you build and present it reliably without fail.

Consistency builds a brand, and a brand builds perception.

You can take charge of your brand by constructing consistency through a set of rules called style guidelines or corporate identity guidelines. This document will make it clear how your logos should be presented, what typestyles and colours are allowed, how taglines and certain words should be used, etc. These guidelines protect your brand from inconsistency. Any agency who creates marketing materials on your behalf will be able to convey your brand according to your standard by using these guidelines.